Create Your Own Big Break

Career strategist and marketing coach for independent musicians.

What if you were one Instagram post away from selling out your next gig?

Learn step-by-step how to promote yourself online, so you can grow your fanbase, sell more music and merch, and draw bigger crowds to your gigs—WITHOUT needing a label or manager to do it all for you.

You can create your own big break.

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Pro Music Guide is the go-to marketing framework for independent musicians.
It doesn’t matter how good you are if no-one knows about you.

Knowing how to promote yourself can be confusing, but you don’t have to figure it out on your own.

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Create Your Own Big Break

At Pro Music Guide we're all about empowering aspiring musicians to build successful careers and create their own big break.

There is always free, quality content available to you, and can start right now on that journey using the free guides below.

If you want to grow like, yesterday, then check out our courses for jump-starting your online presence, and if you really want to kick things up a gear - work one on one with a coach for a personalized plan to create that ultimate music career NOW. 

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Merna (Nashville)

Social Media Revamp

"I have wondered how people get engagement on each platform and have at times just thrown up my hands and said, "I'll do what I can." This is going to help me overcome that and be able to engage more and put out more meaningful stuff for people to engage and connect with me. The course defines the importance of content, branding, and specific platform reach."

Bonnie (New Zealand)

Social Media Revamp

"The breakdown provided so much clarity, beyond one single platform, but really drawing into questions what we do and why/how we want to share it. The 'brand values' for me shifted my entire approach to social media. Before I saw 'Branding' as something arbitrary, quite overwhelming, and creatively restrictive - something that is aesthetic focused and other than ourselves. Getting this clearer focus, made everything else (branding led decisions and content planning) feel exciting, and simply a platform in which to be creative."

Megan (Nashville)

Social Media Revamp

"I enjoyed this course very much. It helped to break out of the 'social media dread' loop that I was stuck in and broke it down in a simple way that reminded me to get back to the basics... Why we began creating in the first place, and the importance of sharing our content with the world in order to connect with each other."